The Feces Storage Box (stool box) is a new developed product from Excretas Medical together with KU Leuven. The Fecesbox is especially developed for professional lab workers. The unique and patented Feces Storage box is a biological sampling and storage container. The product will be available on the market in Q4 of 2020.

The Feces Storage box contains 12 aliquots with a volume of 0,109 ml and fits in a ‘96 Well’. The feces storage box can be stored in the freezer on a temperature of minus 80 degrees Celsius (-80°C) and minus 112 degrees Fahrenheit (-112°F). 

Development in progress. Please send us a message if you want to receive more information as soon the product is available. The Feces Storage Box is the most advanced and well-developed feces sample storage method in the world. The feces sample storage box is the best product to be used in field studies for analyses of gut microbiome variation.

Field studies for analyses of gut microbiome variation

The feces sample storage box of Excretas Medical is especially developed for researchers in gut microbiome variation. Feces of people contains a lot of important information. Last decade we see an increasing demand of feces collectors; also feces sample storage is an important issue. In most field studies feces is investigated multiple times; in those cases it’s important to deep-freeze the feces. The feces sample storage box contains 12 cavities and is especially developed to deep-freeze feces samples. On request of researchers. 

Feces studies on the gut microbiome

Lots of researchers investigate how microbes affect our health. The feces of people contains a lot of hidden information about diseases. Extensive feces studies has been done at KU Leuven (Belgium), University of Groningen (The Netherlands) and University of Oxford (UK).

Recent studies has strengthened the link between microorganisms that live in the gut and health.

Investigations of connections between gut microbiome and specific diseases tend to have a causality problem; but it is not clear whether an altered microbiome contributes to the disease or whether the disease alters the collection of microbes.


How to store feces?

Researches can store feces in the refrigerator, but the quality of the feces is mostly guaranteed for not more than 24 hours (because after 24 hours bacteria and microbiomes will multiply). The best way is to store feces in a deep freezer. But most plastic jars are not suited for temperatures at minus 80 degrees Celsius. Especially to tackle this problem Excretas Medical developed, on request of researchers, a professional feces storage box.


Benefits of the feces storage box:

  • Simple and intuitive use for patients.
  • Safe feces storage for lab workers.
  • Size: 45 x 45 x 10.5 mm
  • Aliquot volume of 0.109 ml and fit in ’96 Well’ (dia 6.5×11 mm).
  • 12 cavities: space for 12 feces samples.
  • At the bottom space for a patient label and also a temperature / time strip.
  • The Feces Storage Box is a patented disposable.
  • Best available feces sample storage method. 
  • Can be deeply frozen in a laboratory freezer: temperature of minus 80 degrees Celsius (-80°C) / minus 112 degrees Fahrenheit (-112°F).
  • Produced and designed in The Netherlands.
Feces Storage Box
Feces Storage Box
Feces Storage Box

Frequently asked questions

Where can I order the products?

Please use the Contact Button to request for delivery. Minimum order quantity is 1 box of 10 products.

Do you ship to our country?

Excretas Medical ships the Feces Storage Box directly from our warehouse in The Netherlands to our worldwide customers. Excretas Medical have shipped already to > 60 countries.

How are the products packed ?

The feces storage boxes are packed in boxes of 10.
Box weight: info comes later.
Pallet weight: info comes later.

What is the pricing of the stool box ?

Please use the Contact Button to request for a price proposal.

Can the feces box be stored in the freezer ?

Yes, Excretas Medical developed the Feces Storage Box especially to store human feces in special laboratory deep freezers.

What is the size of the fecesbox?

The size of the fecesbox is 45 x 45 x 10.5 mm.




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