How to ship faeces to the laboratory ?

Patients have in general three methods:
1) the patient brings themselves a full FECOTAINER fecescollector in a plastic bag to the laboratory
2) the patient send a full FECOTAINER fecescollector back in a carton box and inside a special medical safety bag (see underneath)
3) the feces will be transferred first into a small plastic jar, which will be send to the laboratory

Example of a Specimen Container

Specimen Container (example) - Excretas Medical


Medical Safety Bag
If you want to use a medical disposable bag (also known as medical safety bag) which is send by regular post it is necessary to use plastic bags which have the 
UN3373 standard.
Diagnostic specimens, assigned to UN 3373, are human or animal materials that are being transported only for the purpose of diagnosis or investigation. Such materials include excreta, blood and itscomponents, as well as other tissues and fluids.

Safetybag 255 mm x 385 mm Transparent

Excretas Medical recommends this safety bag (or try to find a similar one):
Be aware of the size of the FECOTAINER fecescollector (don’t use too small safety bags).