Instructions for Use – Feces Collector

1. Remove the feces collector / stool collection kit out of the box and check if the product is not damaged. Wash your hands and unscrew the cover (anti-clockwise; Figure 1).

2. Push the white receptacle downwards until it is fully extended (Figure 2).

3. Fold down the brackets (Figure 3).

4. Prior to the collection of stool: make sure you have urinated.

5. Put the toilet seat up and place the feces collector / stool collector carefully under the toilet seat (Figure 4.). Then put the toilet seat down.

6. Collect your stool in the white receptacle (Figure 5). Make sure you only collect stool, so no urine or toilet paper in the receptacle. Be aware that the outside of the stool collector stays clean.

7. After the stool, you can cover the feces collector (clockwise). Make sure the lid closes well (Figure 6) and double-check this.

8. Please check the instructions for labeling and sending the feces collector back to the laboratory.

Manual fecescollector - 6 steps

If you don’t return a full faecescollector directly: contact your doctor (in doubt: please store it in the refrigerator; 3-8 oC).
The faecescollector can only be used once.
Deliver a full faecescollector yourself and do not bring this to a shipping-agent.
Do not touch faeces: can be contaminated.

Manual Fecescollector