About the Stool Sample Kit

The stool of people reveals a lot about their health and thus plays an important role in the early identification of diseases, including colon cancer. The current method for stool sampling is, however, extremely patient-unfriendly (collecting the stool yourself and then transferring it into a plastic jar). It also entails several health risks and the results are not always reliable. To solve this problem, Excretas Medical has developed an unique stool sample kit: a disposable collector that is simply placed under the toilet seat ‘before use’ and can be well sealed with a stopper and lid ‘after use’, and then sent hygienically to a laboratory. Several prototypes of the stool sample kit have been tested in practice and assessed positively. The suggestions made by patients and doctors were used in the final design for this stool collector. The FECOTAINER stool sample kit is a patented stool collector that is very user-friendly. It is the only reliable stool collection method for stool testing.

Benefits of the stool sample kit

The stool sample kit of Excretas Medical offers patients a user-friendly and hygienic stool collection method. It provides the most reliable results in laboratory stool tests. The feces collector is a patented disposable. The product is collapsible and, because it is only 28mm high, it can fit through a letterbox. Due to the simplicity of its use, its high degree of acceptance and the postage possibilities, the Excretas’ stool sample kit is an ideal tool for large-scale population studies (FOBTs) and colon cancer screening studies.
In addition to gastrointestinal specialists and general practitioners and pediatricians, this stool sample kit can also be used by dieticians and commercial clinics that offer preventive medical examinations.

Where and how is the Stool Sample Kit produced ?

The FECOTAINER stool sample kit is an in-vitro medical diagnostic device (class I). It is made from recyclable plastics. The FECOTAINER is designed by Excretas Medical and produced and assembled in The Netherlands.

  • Dutch Design
  • Dutch Production
  • Dutch Quality

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Where to buy the Stool Sample Kit?

Excretas Medical exports over 45 countries mostly directly to hospitals, clinical and research institutes. The Stool Sample Kit is packed in carton boxes of 60 items. We ship directly from our warehouse in The Netherlands.
1 carton box = 60 items
1 pallet = 720 items (12 boxes)

What are the dimensions of the Stool Sample Kit?
The outside dimensions of the stool sample kit are: 220 x 210 x 28 mm (l x w x h).

Net weight 235 gram
Inner diameter 145 mm
Depth 90 mm
Collapsed height 28 mm
Volume 750 ml


Picture FECOTAINER – stool collection kit

stool collection kit