About the Specimen Collector

Specimen collectors collect specimens, such as blood, urine or feces samples, in medical laboratories. They perform basic data entry tasks, get samples ready for additional laboratory testing and processing, and transport the samples to different facilities. The current method for specimen collection, like feces and urine collection, is not patient friendly. Excretas Medical designed in 2010 a specimen collector and developed two versions: one specimen collector for feces and in 2012 Excretas Medical developed, on request by patients, also a specimen collector for urine. The specimen collector can be placed under the toilet seat ‘before use’ and is a very patient friendly specimen collector.

Benefits of the specimen collector

The specimen urine collector of Excretas Medical offers patients, women and children, a user-friendly and hygienic specimen urine collection method. After the specimen collection it is easy to pour the urine in a lockable urine cup. The specimen feces collector can be used to collect patient feces. Both specimen collectors are collapsible and, because it is only 28mm high, they can fit through a letterbox. The specimen collector is made of recyclable plastic and after laboratory use the specimen collector can be treated as a waste disposable. This unique specimen collector is a patented disposable and recommended by gastroenterologists and urologists.

Where is the specimen collector produced ?

The specimen collector sample kit is an official in-vitro, Class I, medical device. The collector is produced of recyclable plastics, a combination of PP and TPE. Both the feces collector and the urine collector are produced in The Netherlands.

  • Dutch Design
  • Dutch Production
  • Dutch Quality

The current production capacity of Excretas Medical is around 10,000 specimen collectors per day (3 million per year).

Where to buy this unique specimen collector?

specimen collector

specimen collector

Excretas Medical exports the specimen collectors all over the globe, to countries like Korea, Singapore, China, Thailand, Australia, Middle East, Turkey, South Africa, USA and > 20 European countries. Directly from our warehouse in The Netherlands the company ships the products to academic hospitals, laboratories, research institutes and CRO’s. The specimen collectors are packed in boxes of 60 collectors. One full pallet contains in total 720 collectors (12 boxes of 60). Please contact us Excretas Mecial by e-mail or by the contact page to place orders for this unique specimen collector.