The Uritainer urinecollector is a user-friendly and hygienic urine collection device with spout. It is placed under the toilet seat ‘before use’ and is a patient friendly urinecollector for children and women. Due to the simplicity of its use, the Uritainer urinecollector is an ideal device for large scale population studies. The Uritainer is collapsible and fits trough a letterbox (only 28mm high) and therefore easy to send to patients.


  • Easy urine collection for women and children.
  • Easy to pour the urine in a lockable cup.
  • Diameter of 14.5 cm and volume of 750 ml.
  • The urinecollector is from recyclable plastic.
  • After laboratory use, the Uritainer urinecollector can be wasted as a normal disposable.
  • Recommended by urologists.
  • The Uritainer provides the most reliable results in laboratory urine tests.
  • The Uritainer urinecollector is a patented disposable.
  • Produced and designed in The Netherlands.

Uritainer specifications

Uritainer specifications
Net weight 190 gram (0.42 lbs)
Weight incl. foil packaging 195 gram (0.43 lbs)
Inner diameter   145 mm (5.7 inch)
Depth     90 mm (3.5 inch)
Collapsed height     28 mm ( 1.1 inch)
Volume     750 ml (25.4 fl oz)

Frequently asked questions

Where can I order the urine collector?

We work together with a global network of suppliers. If your supplier doesn’t provide our unique product, please use the Contact Button to request for delivery. Minimum order quantity is 1 box of 60 products.

Do you ship to our country?

Excretas Medical ships directly from our warehouse in The Netherlands to our worldwide customers. Excretas Medical have shipped already to > 40 countries.

How are the products packed ?

The uritainers are packed in boxes of 60. A full pallet contains 12 boxes, 720 uritainers.

Box weight: 12.0 kg (26.4 lbs)
Pallet weight: 154.0 kg (338.8 lbs)

What is the pricing of the urine collector?

Please use the Contact Button to request for a price proposal.
10% Discount on a full pallet (720 products).
20% Discount when ordering > 10,000 products in one batch.

Can the urine collector be re-used?

We don’t recommend that, to avoid patient contamination. But we have also customers who collect the hCG hormone from the urine of pregnant women, and those women use our urine collector daily.

Does Excretas Medical also delivers extra supplies like small plastic jars? 

On request and at huge quantities, we can deliver extra supplies. 


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