New inventive device for female urine collection

Nowadays there is not a simple solution for the urine collection for women

The urine of people reveals a lot about their health and thus plays an important role in the early identification of diseases. The current method for urine collection for women is patient-unfriendly. It also entails several health risks and the results are not always reliable. The FECOTAINER (feces collector) is very user-friendly and provides the most reliable faeces collection method for stool testing. 

The current standard method of urine collection is, however, very patient-unfriendly. Most hospitals give a small jar to a female patient and they say “good luck”. For men it’s very common and easy, but not for women.

URITAINER: a patented urinecollector
To solve this problem, Excretas Medical has developed the URITAINER: a disposable urine collector that is simply placed under the toilet seat to collect the urine. The URITAINER is a Dutch invention. Patients have contributed to the development of the URITAINER urine collector. The URITAINER is a user-friendly and hygienic urine collection device with spout. It is placed under the toilet seat ‘before use’ and is a patient friendly urinecollector for children and women. Due to the simplicity of its use, the URITANER urine collector is an ideal device for large scale population studies. The urine collector is collapsible and fits trough a letterbox (only 28mm high) and therefore easy to send to patients.