The struggle of urine collection for women

For lots of potential diseases it is necessary to deliver urine to the laboratory. Urine contains all kinds of substances that have been removed from the blood by the kidneys (blood purification). The composition of urine can learn us something about the functioning of the kidneys and about the composition of the blood plasma.

Patients will receive from their home doctor a urine cup; which is easy to fill for men, but not for women. For women it is a real struggle to deliver the urine directly in the urine cup (not only for elderly people but also for young and healthy women).

urine cup

Especially for this purpose Excretas Medical delivered a patient friendly urine collector, called URITAINER. This disposable urine collector is a simple urine collection device which works perfect for women and children. The Uritainer urine collector is a user-friendly and hygienic urine collection device with a spout. It is placed under the toilet seat ‘before use’ and is a patient friendly urine collector for children and women. Please check the urine collector product page for more information about this unique urine collector.

urine collector

urine collector – Excretas Medical